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Melt-blown Pressure Sensor
  • 2020-05-12
  • Zhyq
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Melt Pressure Sensor for Melt-blown Extrusion Process

The sensor Type PT124B-121/ 121T allows constant measuring of the melt pressure during extrusion.

This series melt pressure transducer is economic type, designed with rigid stem construction. And the model PT124B-111T comes with thermocouple, it can measure the pressure and temperature at one point. This product built in amplifier circuit board and 80% shunt calibration, zero and span adjustable, the output signal can input PLC directly. And it can match the N series pressure instrument from ZHYQ, also can match the pressure instrument or controller of other brand.


In order to guarantee its use in existing measuring systems as well as open and closed loop control systems, the sensor is equipped with an 80% shunt-mode calibration function. For high temperature applications or applications in confined spaces, a choice can be made between a rigid shank or a flexible connection between sensor and electronic circuitry. In addition to standard lengths, special lengths are also possible.    


Melt pressure monitoring plays a key role in extrusion or compounding. In conjunction with temperature, it provides information on the condition of the melt no matter whether this involves pipe, cable, blown film, plate, profile or blow mold extrusion or compounding. Pressure and temperature measurement of the melt improves production consistency when it is linked to the machine control system. Moreover, the equipment is protected against excessive pressure and mold breakage both in thermoplastics and elastomers. Pressure, temperature and dimensions of the extruded material or homogeneity of the compound are linked to one another in direct proportion. At the same time, software recordings help to optimize the manufacturing process in relation to quality costs and material used.    

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