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  • 2022-11-10
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ZHYQ CZ-B inline brix meter using in chemicals & allied products industry

Measuring liquid concentration or density in-line is important in the chemical industry as density variations have impact on both raw materials and finished products. Process safety is also mandatory, since hazardous chemicals represent a potential risk to people and the environment. While managing these challenges, chemical manufacturers strive to produce high-quality products that meet customers’ specifications. To achieve these goals, accurate process measurements, high process efficiency, low energy consumption, and state-of-the-art process control management are crucial.

ZHYQ  CZ-B process refractometer is designed to measure and indicate inline liquid concentration of almost any chemical or compound.

The refractometer can be installed cost-efficiently in the main processing line, bypass line or vessel to control the raw and in-process materials in order to extract their maximum value and achieve high quality end products. The performance of all types of chemical refining, manufacturing, and quality-control operations can be dramatically improved with ZHYQ’s refractive index measurement technology – whether they are in continuous or batch processes.

Unlike intermittent sampling, continuous monitoring provides instant feedback on changes in the process, and this data can enable real-time and precise process control of the common chemical industry operations, for example:

1.Reactor, reaction degree, and endpoint determination
3.Dissolving tank or vessel
4.Dilution, mixing or blending
5.Solid-liquid extraction
6.Absorbers and wet scrubbers
7.Ion exchangers
9.Interface detection and product identification of product-to-product interfaces in loading/unloading
10.Quality control

Using the ZHYQ concentration measurement technique and its easy integration into plant engineering systems enables significant improvements in the plant capacity, the process safety or product yields.

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