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  • 2020-05-21
  • Zhyq
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Dynisco & Gefran equivalent melt pressure transmitter

We offer you Dynisco & Gefran equivalent melt pressure transducer, transmitter, ditial indicator, controller with very favorable price.

The PT124G-112/112T/123/123T high precision melt pressure transducers are ideal for the measurement of melt pressure in extrusion processes at temperatures up to 350℃.This series are produced with special materials and alloyed elastic diaphragm together with delicate processing and debugging. The main characteristics are high accuracy and small zero and span shifts caused by changes in process temperatures. The model PT124G-112T/123T comes with temperature sensor, with type J, K, E optional.


  • Easy to install
  • Widely measurement ranges
  • High accuracy
  • Internal 80% calibration
  • Interchangeable for other brands
  • Excellent stability and repeatability


It can be widely used in various plastic extrusion lines for pressure measuring and control, such as chemical fiber manufacturing equipment, plastic rubber machine, polyester equipment and petrochemical.

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