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  • 2024-01-05
  • Zhyq
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ZHYQ Launches New Flow Metering Device for Oil Wells

ZHYQ has newly launched a metering device for oil and gas wellheads to assist oil extraction. The successful development of this device provides oilfield production with a solution for accurate measurement of multiphase flow under multiphase mixed transport process conditions, and enables oilfield production to achieve single well and team ( The refined management of units, blocks, reservoirs) provides effective support and means, which will help improve the oilfield production technology and management level of the oil exploration industry.

The PT6004 series oil and gas wellhead metering device is based on NB-IOT wireless communication technology and is a multi-parameter device integrating differential pressure, pressure and water content. It is mainly used in single well sites, cluster well sites, electric pump wellheads, screw pump wells, natural gas wells, water source wells, water injection wells, metering transfer stations and joint stations in oil fields. This product can complete real-time measurement of the flow rates and key parameters of each phase of oil, water, and gas without separation of media. It can achieve accurate measurement of moisture content under high gas content. It has compact structure, small footprint and simple maintenance. In terms of appearance design, this series of products can also meet the requirements of harsh application environments, anti-vandalism, explosion-proof and IP68. Due to its wide measuring range, high test accuracy and excellent cost performance, it has been promoted and applied as the main oil well measurement product in many new oil field construction and old oil field reconstruction projects.

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