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Wireless Pressure Transmitter
  • 2020-10-30
  • Zhyq
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Today we introduced the Wireless Pressure Transmitter, which offers a flexible, scalable, secure and cost-effective solution for both pressure monitoring and control when combined with the company’s robust wireless network technology. The enhancement and evolution to the highly successful wireless transmitter enables users to choose the wireless protocol best suited to their specific process automation applications.

With its multi-protocol-capable network infrastructure, giving customers more flexibility when implementing wireless systems. The Wireless Pressure transmitter allows plants to use wireless for control, and seamlessly integrates with control system.

ZHYQ’s Wireless Pressure solutions offer significant performance and cost advantages for both current and new users of industrial wireless technology by:

  • Providing a robust wireless network with increased power, faster update rates, reduced infrastructure requirements and wider deployment options.
  • Incorporating additional noise reduction to improve performance in control applications.
  • Simplifying installation and commissioning.
  • Utilizing long-life commodity batteries.
  • Operating off 24-volt power, optionally, in the field.
  • Implementing proven, industry-best cybersecurity.

ZHYQ’s modern wireless solution reduces capital, installation and lifecycle costs typically associated with traditional instrumentation. Its wireless platform is reliable, secure, scalable and easy to use, and interoperates with existing wireless installations to protect technology investments.

Today, industrial organizations require advanced instrument technology for applications ranging from wellhead monitoring, gas detection and tank level gauging to vibration monitoring. ZHYQ’s multiprotocol wireless network solution is easy to deploy, making it less costly to get data from various plant processes.

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