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The working principle and usage characteristics of wireless liquid level transmitter

PT124B-229 wireless liquid level transmitter is a smart instrument with low power consumption and wireless communication function, which realizes the wireless transmission of field instrument data to the server.
The instrument actively reports data according to the set interval, and the customer realizes remote instrument configuration and data query through the web page, and all uploaded and sent data are automatically saved in the database, which is convenient for the staff to query later.

PT124B-229 wireless liquid level transmitter working principle:
The sensor adopts the principle of piezoresistive strain, and its core component, the resistance strain gauge, is a sensitive device that converts the strain change on the tested object into an electrical signal. It is one of the main components of the sensor. There are two kinds of resistance strain gauges, metal resistance strain gauges and semiconductor strain gauges. There are two types of metal resistance strain gauges: wire strain gauges and metal foil strain gauges. Usually, the strain gauge is tightly bonded to the substrate that generates mechanical strain through a special adhesive. When the stress of the substrate changes, the resistance strain gauge also deforms together, so that the resistance value of the strain gauge changes, so that The voltage applied across the resistor changes. The resistance value change of this kind of strain gauge is usually small when it is stressed. Generally, this kind of strain gauge forms a strain bridge, so that the change of impedance is converted into a digital signal.

Product features of PT124B-229 wireless liquid level transmitter:
1. Output signal: GPRS, LoRa, NB-loT ZigBee, WiFi (optional);
2. LCD real-time display with backlight;
3. Ultra-low power consumption, the sleep mode is as low as 15uA@12VDC;
4. Automatically adjust the time when connected to the network, and automatically reconnect when the network is disconnected;
5. Remote setting of collection interval and sending interval;
6. Threshold upper and lower limit alarm function, remote setting threshold;
7. PC and mobile data applications;
8. Support customer self-built system and configuration application;
9. Power failure alarm, real-time prompt of battery voltage;
10. IP67 protection level, moisture-proof, suitable for outdoor environment.

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