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  • 2022-09-15
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In-line Brix Refractometer for Food and Beverage Process Monitoring

Food And Beverage Industry Produces Globally Consumed Commodities And Undergoes Strict Hygiene Regulations. Food And Drinks Producers Bear The Responsibility For Adequate Food Quality And Unprecedented Safety Along With Emerging Customer Expectations For New Product Experiences.

In Order To Make Production Profitable And Sustainable, Maintain Highest Product Quality And Safety, Reliable Process Control Tools Must Be In Place.

In The Era Of Iot, It Is Worth To Undertake The Best Available Practices And Measure Brix Reliably In-line.

Continuous In-line Monitoring Of Liquid Concentration Provides A Range Of Benefits To All Liquid Food And Beverage Applications, Be It Dairy, Brewery, Fruits And Vegetable Processing, Soft Drinks And Juices, Desserts, Confectionery And Condiments, Or Effluent Treatment.

In food and beverage production, changes in liquid concentration take place in many operations.

Continuous in-line monitoring of concentration brings benefits throughout all interim operations, from product intake, to product processing and waste streams control.

Moving from time-consuming and laborious manual sampling and laboratory analysis to real-time continuous concentration measurement in-line allows to avoid the risks of food contamination and release operators for other important tasks.

All most critical food and beverage processes can benefit from in-line Brix measurement, e.g. evaporation, dilution and blending, spray drying, extraction, cooking, fermentation, distillation, product interface detection and organics monitoring in effluent.

Once taken into operation, the ZHYQ brix refractometer brings immediate cost and resource savings by ensuring efficient use of raw materials, reduced energy consumption, improved product quality and shelf life, correct ingredient dosing and product labeling, and product-to-product, product-to-water, product-to-CIP liquid interfaces detection.

ZHYQ brix refractometer is an in-line tool for reliable process control in productions where product safety and hygiene are of utmost importance. It guarantees improved efficiency of processes, sustainable use of resources, maximized yield and eliminates costly product recalls.

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