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  • 2022-12-17
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Application of CZ-B inline process refractometer in sweetener processing

Starch sweeteners and sugar substitutes include glucose (dextrose), fructose glucose syrup, corn syrup, and sorbitol. These products are used for sweetening, conservation, texture, or color in many edible and drinkable products, and across a variety of industries from food & beverage to pharmaceuticals.

Starch sweeteners are manufactured by acid hydrolysis reactions forming crystals or syrups. Hydrolysis degree is measured with Dextrose Equivalent (DE).

Calorie-free sugar substitutes, such as allulose or stevia, are manufactured from plants to form crystals or syrups.

ZHYQ CZ-B Process Refractometer is perfectly suitable for sweeteners manufacturing. Accurate and reliable in-line measurement of total dissolved solids (TDS) aids in optimizing downstream processes and complying with tight final product specifications.

Process refractometer introduces a process control element to the plant and optimization supports the overall plant efficiency and economic performance. For example, the evaporation is an important processing step in sweeteners manufacturing as it removes excess water from syrups and raise the concentration to a predetermined level. At the same time, evaporation is a major heat and energy consumer, and refractometers can help to bring down evaporation costs by feed-forward control and by keeping the syrup concentration at a constant level.

The fully digital ZHYQ CZ-B Process Refractometer can further industrial automation and smart factory concept with its accurate and reliable real-time data, that is fully integrable to control system.

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