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BP1010-Rupture disk for plastic extruder machine

Rupture disk for plastic extruder machine



The rupture disks designed for extrusion applications of reliable emergency relief of excess pressure since they instantaneously rupture at a specific predetermined pressure range.

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  • Standard burst pressure range
  • Simple, intrinsically safe design
  • Protection over wide pressure range
  • Accuracy of +/-5%
  • Up to 400℃ (750℉) melt temperatures
  • Chemical Fribre equipment
  • Plastic & rubber process machine
  • Other melt fluid process control
Ranges 3500psi, 5500psi, 7500psi, 9500psi
Combined error ±5%FS
Diaphragm temperature 400℃(750℉) Maximum
Stem length 1.81″, 3″,6″, 9″
Process connection 1/2″-20UNF, M18×1.5, G3/4 or customized