• Pressure Sensor, Pressure Transducer, Pressure Transmitter

OEM digital piezoresistive pressure sensor



The OEM digital piezoresistive pressure sensor with 316L stainless steel corrugated diaphragm and isolated oil-filling construction. The sensing package utilizes silicone oil to transfer pressure from the 316L stainless steel diaphragm to the sensing die.

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  • Gauge, absolute, sealed gauge
  • Standard male thread for option
  • Isolated construction, enable to measure various liquid
  • Industrial process control
  • Level measurement
  • Gas, liquid pressure measurement
  • Pressure checking meter Pressure calibrator
  • Liquid pressure system and switch
  • Cooling equipment and air conditioning system
  • Aviation and navigation inspection
Item Parameter
Range -0.1MPa…0kPa~10kPa…3.5MPa
Pressure Type Gauge, Absolute, Sealed Gauge
Over Pressure 1.5FS
Output 0-100%, I2C
Accuracy ±0.5%FS (pressure), ±1.5℃ (Temperature)
Power Supply (5±0.1)V DC; (3.3±0.1)V DC
Long Term Stability ±0.3%FS/year
Working Temperature -10℃~80℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~125℃
Shock 10g,20Hz~2000Hz
Impact 100g,11ms