• Pressure Sensor, Pressure Transducer, Pressure Transmitter

OEM Piezoresistive Differential Pressure Sensor



OEM differential pressure sensor with stainless steel isolated diaphragm. It has integrated construction, high static pressure, high stability and good reliability. The high and low pressure sides are protected by isolated diaphragm.

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  • Pressure range: Typically 10KPa, 35KPa, 100KPa, 250KPa
  • Constant current/ Constant Voltage power supply
  • Isolated construction, possible to various fluid media
  • OEM differential pressure sensor
  • 316L stainless steel
  • High static pressure 20MPa
  • 1.5 times overpressure
  • Industrial process control
  • Differential pressure measurement
  • Gas, liquid pressure measure
  • Pressure checking meter
  • Pressure calibrator
Item* Min. Typ. Max. Units
Linearity ±0.15 ±0.25 %FS,BFSL
Repeatability ±0.05 ±0.075 %FS
Hysteresis ±0.05 ±0.075 %FS
Zero output ±3 mV DC
FS output 60 mV DC
Zero thermal error ±0.75 ±1.0 %FS, @25℃
Span thermal error ±0.75 ±1.0 %FS, @25℃
Compensated temp. range 0~50
Working temp. range -40~125
Storage temp. range -40~125
Long-term stability ±0.3 ±0.5 %FS/year
*testing at basic condition