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Turbine Flowmeter



PT124B-502 intelligent integrated turbine flowmeter adopts advanced ultra-low power consumption single-chip microcomputer technology, with double-row LCD on-site display, with compact structure, intuitive and clear readings, high reliability, no external power interference, anti-lightning strike, low cost low-level features.

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1. High accuracy, generally up to ±1%R, ±0.5%R, high-precision type up to ±0.2%R;

2. Good repeatability, short-term repeatability can reach 0.05%~0.2%, (it is the preferred flow meter in trade settlement);

3. Equipped with three-point correction of instrument coefficient, intelligently compensates the non-linearity of instrument coefficient, and can perform on-site correction

4. All valid data will not be lost for 10 years after power failure;

5. The range is wide, the medium and large diameter can reach 1:20, and the small diameter can reach 1:10;

6. Compact and light structure, convenient installation and maintenance, large flow capacity;

7. It is suitable for high-pressure measurement, and there is no need to open holes on the meter body, so it is easy to make a high-pressure meter;

8. There are many types of special-purpose sensors, which can be designed into various special-purpose sensors according to the special needs of users, such as low-temperature type, two-way type, downhole type, sand mixing type, etc.;

9. It can be made into plug-in type, suitable for large-diameter measurement, with small pressure loss, low price, can be taken out without continuous flow, and easy to install and maintain.


±1%R ; ±0.5%R ; ±0.2%R (need customize)
Range ratio
Instrument material
Stainless steel 304/316L
Medium temperature (°C)
Environmental conditions
Temperature (-10~+55℃), relative humidity (5%~90%), 

atmospheric pressure (86~106kPa)
Output signal
Sensor: pulse frequency signal, Vil ≤0.8V Vih≥8V
Transmitter: 4~20mADC (2 wires)
Power supply
A. External power supply: +24VDC±15%, ripple ≤±5%, suitable for 4-20mA, 

pulse output, R485, etc.
B. Internal power supply: 1 set of 3.0V 10AH lithium battery
Signal transmission line
STVPV3×0.3(3 wires),2×0.3(2 wires)
Transmission distance
Signal line interface
Basic type: Hausmann joint

Explosion-proof type: internal thread M20×1.5
Explosion-proof grade
ExiaIICT4 or ExdIIBT6
Protection grade