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  • 2019-01-07
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ZHYQ Common type Industrial Pressure Transmitters

ZHYQ has its core sensor technology, such as strain gauge, micro fused sensor, ceramic sensor and oil filled piezoresistive silicon sensor.

The strain gauge type is a common type sensor technology, it is widely used in pressure transducer/transmitter production, it is suitable for the pressure range from 0 to 10bar to 1000bar; Our typical model is PT124B-210.

The micro fused technology is a new pressure sensor technology for high volume, commercial and industrial applications, the pressure can reach to 6000bar, it is suitable for measure of liquid or gas pressure, even for difficult media such as contaminated water, steam and mildly. Our typical model is PT124B-211.

The oil filled Piezoresistive Silicon Sensor is popular for precision measurement field, it is isolated construction, enable to measure various fluid media, with good overload performance and long stability. The pressure range can be -1 to 0 to 1bar, and 0~1bar to 400bar. The typical model is PT124B-212.

The Piezoresistive Ceramic Sensor technology adopts ceramic substrate with special encapsulation , it has better anti-corrosion, abrasion resistance and easy assembly. The pressure range can be 0-4bar to 200bar. The typical model is PT124B-213.

Link: ZHYQ Common type Industrial Pressure Transmitters


  • Widely measurement ranges
  • Various industrial standard signal output
  • High performance and high stability
  • Perfect temperature compensation
  • OEM design available
  • Approvals with CE, ROHS certificates


  • Water conservancy and hydropower
  • Petroleum, chemical, metallurgy
  • Electric power, production automation, aerospace
  • Military, oil wells, ships, machine tools
  • Pipelines, and many other industries

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