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  • 2023-05-10
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Variable Area Metal Tube Flow Meters Working Principle

Metal tube Variable Area Flow Meters measures volumetric flow rate of liquid and gases that operates on the float principle. It features a tapered metal tube, in which a float is allowed to move freely up and down.

The float reaches a stable position when the upward force exerting by the flowing liquid equals the weight of the float. The float position is transmitted by a magnetic coupling system to the scale.

The rotational movement of the follower magnet system transmitted to the indicator is linearised and the flow rate is indicated directly on the scale.

Principle :
The flow path has a tapered part. A float containing a magnet is located in the tapered tube. Fluid flows from the bottom of the flowmeter and goes upward through the tube.

The differential pressure produced by the float and the tapered tube pushes the float upward, and the float stops when the weight of the float and the differential pressure balance. In other words, the position of the float corresponds to the flow rate.

1. Single-axis, non-contact new magnetic coupling structure, more stable signal transmission;
2. Modular combination design, easy maintenance, maintenance-free in normal use;
3. Two-line, large-screen liquid crystal display instantaneous and cumulative flow, with backlight;
4. The intelligent type has power-down protection, data backup and recovery functions;
5. All-metal structure, anti-seismic, pressure-resistant, temperature-resistant, and anti-corrosion;
6. Short stroke, total height 250mm, more convenient design and installation.

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